• lib volunteer Thank you for volunteering in one of District 90's school libraries!!

    If you are new and would like to volunteer in one of our school libraries please contact the District Media Specialist: Beth Bendele at Carriel Jr. High School 618-622-2932 or e-mail to bbendele@of90.net 

    Please remember that in order to volunteer in our schools libraries you must:

    1. Go through or have gone through the district volunteer training program --information about this is on the District web page

    2. You must go through or have gone through library training provided by the District Media Specialist.

     Volunteer job description, expectations and general procedures





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  •  Just a reminder: make sure that when checking in items that you a checking that each check in was successful--we are finding books on the shelf that were still checked out to students.


    If a student's ID barcode does not scan because it has been damaged or defaced (chewed on, scratched out, stickers on barcode, broken off)--then you need to send them to the office to purchase a new ID as per the current Junior High Handbook Policy. They will not be allowed to check out books until they replace the ID.

     When renewing books for junior high students, they must have the book in hand.