• Teacher Tools

    Apps for Education
    Apple in Education - Take a look at the best reviewed apps for learning.
    IEAR.org - Educators review the best iPad apps for education.

    Award Maker
    Certificate Creator - Make and print certificates.
    Create Your Own Awards - Create and print personalized certificates and awards.

    Backchanneling and Wall Boards
    Lino It Online Stickies - Create a digital bulletin board.
    Primary Wall - Using a sticky note concept, teachers and students can collaborate and post comments in real-time.
    Today's Meet - Live stream collaboration chat tool for students to make comments, ask questions, and get feedback.
    Wallwisher - Online notice board maker. Post comments, questions, and feedback using sticky notes.

    Blogs and Wikis
    Blogger - Create your own free Blog by Google.
    Edmodo - A way to connect teachers and students, engage and learn both inside and outside the classroom
    EduBlog - Educational blog site.
    PBWorks Wiki - Create your class Wiki.
    WikiSpaces - Wiki site for educators.

    Bookmarking Sites
    Diigo - Bookmark, highlight, save notes, pictures, and screen shots.
    SymbalooEDU - Organize your teacher resources in one place.
    Only2Cilcks - Bookmark all you favorite websites.

    Curriculum Education Resource Links
    Illuminations - Resources for teaching math.
    LiveBinders - A workspace created for educators to share and categorize educational resources.
    National Geographic Edu - Teacher resources, activities, projects, news, mapping, multimedia and geo-literacy.
    ReadWriteThink - Lessons and interactives for improving teaching and learning of English and language arts.
    Real Classroom Ideas - An online library of classroom resources you can really use.
    ScienceNetLinks - Find science lessons and tools for K-12.
    Smithsonian's History Explorer - Standard-based online resources for teaching and learning American history.
    Thinkfinity - Thousands of free educational resources and lessons for teachers.
    TeacherFileBox - A selection of state standards-correlated teaching resources.

    Brain Flips - Create flashcards and study cards. Study your cards with quizes, games and assessment tools.
    Flash Card Maker - Make your own flash cards and print them out, or quiz yourself online.
    Study Shack - Create flash cards and quiz yourself online, or download the app and quiz yourself on the go.

    Quizlet - Make and print your own flash cards and/or play games using those cards online or download the app.
    File Converter
    Zamzar - Use this tool to send and share large files.

    Game and Puzzles
    ClassTools.net - Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds.
    Puzzle Maker - Make your own word search, criss-cross, mazes, double puzzles, letter tiles, and more.

    Global Collaboration Tools
    21st Century Schools - Guide for professional development curriculum design and many collaboration sites.
    ePals - Select a project. Find a classroom from another part of the world. Start collaborating.
    Global Classroom Project - A place for students and teachers to share, learn, and collaborate on a global stage.
    Global School Net - Supports 21st century learning and academic performance through content driven collaboration.
    iEarn - Learning from others around the world.
    Postcrossing - Send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a person somewhere in the world.
    QuadBlogging - Sign up your class to be partnered with three other classes from all over the world.
    Skype With an Author - Find an author and use Skype to communicate globally.
    Taking IT Global - Empowering students to understand and act on challenges in the world.

    Graphic Organizers and KWL Charts
    Graphic Organizers - Graphic organizers by Houghton Mifflin.

    Map Maker Interactive - Create interactive, customized maps in many regions and modes.

    Math Tools
    IXL - Math resources for K-8.
    Metric Conversion Calculator- Use this tool to convert area, volume, length, weight, and temperature.
    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Great interactive online math tools for grades K-12.
    TenMarks - Create interactive math assignments mapped to state and core curriculum standards for grades 2 -12.
    That Quiz - A skills site for teachers to track student progress in math practice and testing.

    Project Based Learning
    Project Based Learning Checklist - Checklists to support Project Based Learning and evaluation. 

    Kathy Schrock's Rubric Guide - A variety of student, multimedia, web 2.0, and curriculum subject rubrics.
    RubiStar Create your own rubrics or choose from an existing one. 

    Timers and Random Name Pickers
    Countdown Timer - Enter in a time or choose a soundtrack song and count down the time.
    Online Stopwatch - Simple, fast online stopwatch and online countdown timer .
    Random Name Picker- Enter student names, choose from 3 choices of name picker tools, embed into a website.

    URL Shortener
    Furly - A way to shorten multiple URLs into one.

    Worksheets and Printables
    Super Teacher Worksheets - Thousands of printables for every subject including graphic organizers and KWL.
    Writing and Spelling Tools
     - Create and practice spelling words, site words, color words, and more.
    Storyboard Organizer - A pdf storyboard plan containing six storyboard boxes and lines for writing.

    Storyweb - A pdf storyweb plan containing boxes for slide content, transitions, music, voice and notes.