Preschool For All


    Registration Forms are located under the "registration form section". Additional required forms; such as District 90 registartion card, Program permission, and family history form must be filled out in person along with producing two forms of residency for District 90 boundaries.  The school physical is NOT due at time of registration, but rather due within 30 days of your child's first day of attendance. A child's birth certificate is also reguired for registration.  

    Teachers: Amy Little and Rachel Shannon

    Am Class: M-TH  8:45-11:30 and F 8:45-10:15

    PM Class: M-TH 12:45-3:30 and F 11:30-1:00

    Classes LOCATED at Marie Schaefer School for 2017-2018

    State funded Preschool For All classroom for children between ages three through five who may be at risk of academic failure.  Eligibility for attendance based upon child's development, income, health issues, family stress factors, and educational needs.  Families must qualify for enrollment in Preschool For All.

    For questions, regarding qualification, please contact Gina Harding, Director of Early Learning.

    Fees: None

    Transportation:  Family transported/ No bus transportation

    Families needing additional full day care may be eligible to additionally enroll in the Tuition Preschool Classrooms for a discounted price.  CHASI is accepted for qualifying families.  For more infromation, please contact Gina Harding in the preschool office.