• First Grade Discipline Policy

    Behaviors are managed in first grade using a combination of two systems.

    The Target System encourages students to set personal, daily goals to achieve success in the
    classroom. Students set personal goals, work to meet those goals, and then reflect on their
    performance throughout the day. With the target system, students gain an awareness of their
    behavioral strengths and weaknesses and should become intrinsically motivated to improve
    throughout the year. The target focuses on behaviors that optimize learning as well as those
    that are not conducive to learning in a first grade classroom. There is no consequence for
    missing the daily target. The target system is used for self-motivation and self-reflection. Each
    child keeps a daily record of his/her target in the red STAR (Take-Home) folder. Please discuss
    your child’s target with him/her each day.

    The Card System serves as a visual reminder and warning system for behaviors that may be
    more disruptive, repeated, and/or more defiant than those covered by the target. Students
    may pull a card for any misbehavior addressed by the classroom rules:

    Classroom Rules
    1. Always do your best.
    2. Follow directions.
    3. Use quiet voices.
    4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    5. Be kind to everyone.

    Stickers, positive marks, and words on papers
    Golden Tickets (school-wide)
    Small prizes awarded on a random basis
    Verbal praise
    Special activities earned for entire class

    Green Card = good behavior
    Yellow Card = warning
    Red Card = miss 10 minutes of recess/fun activity
    Blue Card = miss 20 minutes of recess/fun activity
    White Card = miss ENTIRE recess/fun activity

    Incomplete work may result in the student staying in at recess until work is complete.