Classroom Rules
  • Students are expected to follow all school, bus, playground, and cafeteria rules.  Many types of incentives, praise, and rewards will be given for positive behavior and academic choices.  These will be given on an individual, as well as group basis.  Students who do not receive any marks during the week can earn two golden tickets on Fridays (one for no missing homework and one for no behavior marks).  Students will take their golden tickets to their homerooms where they will receive rewards based on their teacher's system. Behavior marks are consistent for all of 5th grade. I used ClassDojo to keep track of students marks. If you would like access to your child's data, please contact me for login information. Otherwise, data will be sent home with your child's homeroom newsletter.


    1 checkmark (daily) – Warning

    2 checkmarks (daily) – Fix It Ticket

    3 checkmarks (daily) – Classroom Lunch Detention*

    4 checkmarks (daily) – Call/note home

    5 checkmarks (daily)  – Office Referral (including, but not limited to, one or more of the following):

    • Parent Contact by Principal
    • Office Lunch Detention
    • In-School Suspension
    • Out of School Suspension

    7 or more checkmarks (monthly) – NO participation in Monthly Reward Party