• Land for Learning Nature Camp


    SEPTEMBER 25th

    Land for Learning Parent Meeting

    This is an informational meeting about Land for Learning camp.  It addresses what the camp is about and any questions will be answered.  Guests/Counselors from Land for Learning will be at the meeting as well, to explain the advantages of camp and what the students will gain from this outdoor classroom opportunity. 

    Camp Dates for Carriel:

     Group 1 (to be determined by mid-January):  May 8 - 10

     Group 2 (to be determined by mid-January):  May  15 - 17


    Students Costs -  The cost for this year is $265 for each student.  

    All money is given to the student's  1st Hour Teacher.

    $65 (non-refundable) needs to be  turned in by  NOVEMBER 30th.  This is for their reservation at Camp. 

    Remaining money can be paid a little at a time throughout the year or you may pay it all at once. Checks made out to Carriel Jr. High. 

    Remaining money is due by MARCH 1st!

    Scholarships are available. Please contact Mr. Jeff Brokering, CJHS Assistant Principal, to discuss scholarship and donation opportunities.  

    Cancellation Policy:

    In the event you need to cancel your child's reservation, notification must be sent to Mr. Brokering, CJHS assistant Principal in the form of a letter or email by:

    April 4, 2019-  for a refund in the amount of $200

    April 5-12, 2019 - for a refund in the amount of $100

    After April 12, 2019 will result in no refund

    Money earned through the Script program is non refundable.

    If a student has 10 excused absences or 4 unexcused absences, academic concerns, or behavior issues (see 7.10 in the Student Handbook), they cannot go on the Trip.