• Birth to Age Three Prevention Initiative

    What is the Prevention Initiative Program?

    O’Fallon CCSD #90 Prevention Initiative program is a home visiting model which provides continuous, intensive, and comprehensive evidence based child development and family support services to help families prepare their children for school success.  Services may begin prenatal and continue until age three.

    O’Fallon CCSD #90 PI program offers intensive and regular home visits and provides activities requiring substantial participation of and interactions between the parent and child.  Activities are designed to educate parents as they learn and practice new ways of supporting their child’s development.  Our program recognizes parents are their child’s primary and most influential teacher.  Both mothers and fathers are recognized as being equally important in the lives of a young child.

    Comprehensive services are provided for most at risk families. 

    Services are aligned with Illinois Birth to 5 Program Standards. 

    Baby Talk, an evidence based program model, is followed as well as the Baby Talk research-based curriculum. 

    Who is eligible to participate in the Prevention Initiative Program?

    Screenings are conducted to identify the neediest children in the O’Fallon community and how best to serve them.  Comprehensive screening procedures include information from the research based ASQ,  parent interview forms, functional hearing and vision screenings, and weighted criteria to determine eligibility into the Prevention Initiative program.  Eligibility for women who are pregnant or infants prior to three months old is based upon family and environmental risk factors.  The highest needs children are enrolled first with a waiting list maintained for additional vacancies.

    How can I start the process?

    If you are interested in the PI program and would like to determine if you are eligible, please call the O'Fallon CCSD #90 Preschool Office.  A home visitor will contact you to set up a time to discuss the PI and BabyTALK program, begin the comprehensive screening process, and work with you to determine eligibility.

    Preschool Office:  618-206-2476

    The Prevention Initiative program is funded through a grant with the  Illinois State Board of Education and is at no cost to eligible families.


    *O'Fallon CCSD #90 does not currently offer infant and toddler child care programming options.  All families are welcome to go through the developmental screening process, however.