Infant and Toddler Screenings

  • Infant and Toddler Developmental Screenings

    Information gathered from a child’s natural environment is important in determining a true picture of the child’s development.  Screenings can be used to determine if a child is on track developmentally or if there are potential delays.

    O’Fallon District #90 staff from the Early Childhood Prevention Initiative Team are available to conduct screenings within a child’s home, child care center, school, or other agreed upon location within the community.  PI team members from O’Fallon #90 obtain written parent permission for the screening and conduct observations and collect anecdotal data from homes and child care centers when a child is being referred for a screening, especially with developmental concerns. 

    Community wide screenings are scheduled monthly within the district, by appointment, or by referral. 

    Please call the O'Fallon CCSD #90 Preschool Office to schedule an infant and toddler developmental screening.  Screenings are open to all families and are free of charge. (children ages 3 and older will do preschool screenings).

    Preschool Office:  618-206-2476

    Families may also do online screenings.  Please click on the links below and complete both ASQ and ASQ-SE.   A staff person will follow up once the screening is complete.

    ASQ- Developmental

    ASQ- Social Emotional