• The Great Poetry Race

    Repeated reading of a text will improve any reader’s fluency, expression, and pacing. The purpose of this program is to develop reading fluency.  The race format is designed to keep your child motivated.  Best of all, it’s a race anyone can win!

    Each week your child will be given a new poem to read aloud.  This should stay in the homework folder on the take back to school side.  Every time he or she reads the poem to an adult, the adult signs or initials the recording sheet.  Every signature scores a ‘point.’  Points will be tallied weekly.  Five points is a good number to aim for in the first week, but more would be great!  As of this year, 20 signatures is the maximum allowed per week and should occur outside of school hours.

    The poem can be read to the same person more than once but only one time per day. This will save you from listening to the same poem multiple times in one evening. Thanks for your help and support!