• Mrs. Bauer, Mrs. Brooks, and Miss Jenkins are your third grade teachers.  Several other adults work closely with our team.  We truly love teaching, and we cannot wait to share in your educational experience.  

    Third grade is truly a transition year in regards to organization.  Your child may benefit from a place in your home set aside just for homework.  This could be a desk, table, or box containing supplies.   

    Your child will fill out an assignment notebook each day at school. This is a tool for your child to stay organized.  While we WILL all fill it out at the same time, I do not plan to check each individual notebook on a daily basis. Please look at it with your child each night. At this time, I am not asking you to sign it each night.

    Please plan to spend around thirty minutes on homework each night. There will be formal assignments listed in the assignment notebook. (Great Poetry Race, math, etc.) After completing formal assignments, use the rest of your time for informal assignments that meet your child’s specific needs. This could be SNAP spelling words, basic math facts, or other reading. Don’t forget to read for enjoyment every day! Students may do this independently or with someone.

    Your child will also bring home a homework folder each day. Helping your child check the assignment notebook and homework folder each night would also help model good organizational habits.  This folder has a pocket for papers that need to be returned to school as well as for papers that can stay at home. This is how I will return graded assignments to your child. It also contains clear plastic sleeves that contain the newsletter, SNAP spelling words, and study tools.

    The best way to contact me is email. My email is sjenkins@of90.net

    Remember my promise to you. I will not believe everything your child tells me about what happens at home if you promise not to believe everything your child tells you about what happens at school.  If something sounds fishy, please ask me about it.  Parents and teachers are a team, and we encourage open communication.