• Existing Student Registration Process



    1. Please visit Health Services site to complete a new Permission for Treatment Form and a new Medical History Form.
    2. Print all completed forms.
    3. Attend one of the open registration dates at the school your student will attend.
    4. Bring copies of your proofs of residency - these copies will not be returned. One copy of documentation from both Column A and Column B.  Please see below information.
    5. Bring a Photo ID.

    Proof of Residency Options



    Current lease or mortgage

    Current Utility bill

    Home/rental insurance

    (water, gas electric, phone)

    Property Tax receipt


    *Falsifying residency information for the purpose of a child attending school in a district is a Class C misdemeanor. Scheduled students found to be living outside of the district will be dropped.

  • O’Fallon School District 90
    Registration Information, 2022-2023

    Elementary and Junior High registrations will be held at home schools.

    2022-2023 Registration Dates

    February 7th-25th - Incoming Kindergarten students and currently enrolled K-4th grade siblings.
    By appointment only at your home school.

    March 28th-April 8th - Online Registration for currently enrolled PreK-7th

    May 2nd-6th - All students; new and returning, by appointment only at your home school.

    July 21st 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm - All students; new and returning