Special Education Mission Statement

    The mission of O'Fallon School District #90 is to provide the highest quality educational program in a safe and positive learning environment through which all children become responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners, equipped to make intelligent choices today and tomorrow.

    As Special Educators, we are committed to identifying students who meet the federal and state criteria as a student with a disability requiring special education and to provide services that empower them to become active members of their school community based on their individual strengths and abilities. We believe that each child is a unique individual capable of learning.  We demonstrate and promote mutually respectful partnership between special education teachers, general education teachers, administration, support staff, parents and community members in order to meet the diverse academic, emotional, and social needs of each student.  We are committed to the continuous evaluation of our programs and services, in order to provide all students an appropriate and beneficial educational experience.



    Tracie Bauer


    618-632-3666  ext 7102


    Laurin McWhorter


    618-632-3666  ext 7108


    Kara Dannenbrink

    Special Services Secretary


    618-632-3666  ext 7107

    FAX NUMBER:  618-632-7864