• School will be closed for the entire day when the Superintendent, after consulting with bus company representatives, determines roads are unsafe to travel. School may also be closed when the wind chill factor is expected to remain about minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. In such a case, the superintendent of schools may cancel school regardless of road conditions. Wind chill closing does not necessarily apply to O'Fallon High School District 203. Three announcements regarding school closings will be aired by 7:15 A.M. on KMOX radio, and on television stations KMOV Channel 4 and KSDK Channel 5. The announcement will be listed as “O'Fallon School District 90." School will be open if no announcement to the contrary is made by 7:15 A.M.

    Early dismissal during the school day will be made only when emergency conditions are evident. In most cases, a decision to dismiss early will be made by noon. Early dismissal will be announced on the same radio and televisions stations as listed above. In case of early dismissal, there will be no afternoon Pre-K, EC, Pre-K Plus, or Early Achiever’s Academy.

    For the safety of your children, make sure they understand where they are to go in the event they reach home and you are not there. There may be times when it is impossible for you to arrive home before your children. Please make sure that the person who is to take care of your children until you arrive knows that you would like for them to act in this capacity.

    Please have your children dress appropriately for the weather, as we will take recess outdoors as much as possible. Students will go outside when the real feel temperature is 15 degrees or higher. The expectation is for students to be dressed appropriately.