Mrs. Amann

Phone: 618-622-2932 x 505


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Amann

Hi! I'm Mrs. Amann, I teach 6th/7th grade P.E. and Health. I look forward to an exciting school year developing your student’s fitness knowledge and improving their fitness level.  

The first few weeks of the school year, I will pre-test students for FitnessGram. Throughout the year we practice the FitnessGram activities, each time your students individual scores are expected to improve.  Individual student FitnessGram scores are recorded on each individual’s paper for the baseline test.  This paper will be sent home, it needs to be signed and returned for a grade. The final test in April/May will be recorded and sent home.  Scores are also are reported to the state of Illinois for documentation purposes.   

Parents/Guardians please talk to and encourage your child to improve, work hard, and do their best when practicing and testing.  We also encourage all of you to work out as a family and share new ideas.   Your support is greatly appreciated. 

10:00 minute mile or under is the goal!!!

  •      Daily Schedule

    1st Hour:       8:00 - 8:59

    2nd Hour:      9:02 – 9:48

    3rd Hour:      9:51 – 10:37

    4th Hour:       10:40 – 11:26

    Lunch:    10:40 – 11:10

    Advisory:       11:13 – 11:26

    5th Hour:       11:29 – 12:15

    6th Hour:       12:18 – 1:04

    7th Hour:       1:07 – 1:53

    8th Hour:       1:56 - 2:45



    1. All students must participate in the P.E. program. Students not physically capable of participation must provide a written statement from a physician (per the handbook).
    2. Daily excuses from class must be in writing, signed, and dated by a parent/guardian. Absences of more than two consecutive days require a physician’s written statement (per the handbook). Chronic injuries require a doctor’s note.
    3. If a student does not participate in the daily physical activity, they cannot participate in any after school athletic programs (per the handbook).

     Students, please bring all papers and money for PE uniforms with you to class.  

    Sunscreen and sunglasses are allowed to be used only while outside.

    When the temperature gets cooler, please bring sweatshirts and sweatpants with you to PE. 

    Students with a doctor note for more than a couple days will be given assignments to complete.