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Mr. PJ Creek

  • My teaching philosophy can be summed up in four words:

    1. READ

    2. WRITE

    3. THINK

    4. DO

    I believe that if students are doing these four things everyday, true understanding will take place.  And, most important, students will develop a love for learning.

    In this class we will explore the world of physical science.  Our main focus will be on the interactions between matter and energy. From chemical reactions to universal gravitation, students will investigate the way the world works.

    The first half of the year is all about chemistry, while the second half focuses on physics.  I've designed this class around essential questions that will guide your student through the field of physical science.  For those keeping track, these EQs are tied to the Next Generation Science Standards. 

    Here is list of the essential questions that we will examine throughout the year:

    EQ 1: What is physical science?

    EQ 2: What is matter?

    EQ 3: What are the states of matter?

    EQ 4: What is the periodic table of the elements?

    EQ 5: What are chemical reactions?

    EQ 6: What is energy?

    EQ 7: What is motion?

    EQ 8: What are waves?

    See Class Handouts for links to my class handouts, notes, and articles.


    1st Hour  8:00 - 8:46   Plan period

    2nd Hour  8:49 - 9:35   Science

    3rd Hour  9:38 - 10:24  Honors Science

    4th Hour  10:27 - 10:57 Lunch

      11:00 - 11:13  Advisory

    5th Hour  11:16 - 12:02 Honors Science

    6th Hour  12:05 - 12:51 Science

    7th Hour  12:54 - 1:40   Science

    8th Hour  1:43 - 2:29     Science

       2:32 - 2:45    Study Hall


    A student's grade is calculated as the total of these three categories:

    1/3 Class assignments

    1/3 Homework

    1/3 Tests


    A+  97-100%

    A    93-96%

    A-   90-92%

    B+  87-89%

    B    83-86%

    B-   80-82%

    C+  77-79%

    C    73-76%

    C-   70-72%

    D+  67-69%

    D    63-66%

    D-   60-62%

    F     0-59%


  • Google Classroom

    In this class, we use Google Classroom.

    Each student should be signed up for our class.  Sign up info is on the class syllabus.


    Also, I use Remind to alert you of things that are happening in our class.

    Each student/parent should sign up on Remind.  Info is on the class syllabus.



    1. Be respectful.

    Treat others as you want to be treated.

    2. Be responsible.

    Work hard and do things well.

    3. Make the right choices.

    Choose to do things that benefit your long-term success and avoid short-term distractions.