• During first quarter, 8th graders will participate in P.E. on a daily basis. We have a Fitness curriculum for the whole first quarter. Workouts vary from cross-fit to ladders to stations with the students being tested twice a week on their cardiovascular fitness. During this testing, students will power walk one day and run one day a week. THe main outcome that we hope to achieve for the students is that they learn how to PACE themselves when doing their cardiovascular testing. Pacing is known as the distribution of the use of energy during activities. With that said, we do have set times that we expect the 8th graders to accomplish during testing. These set times are to be able to power walk a lap in 3:30 and to run a lap in 2:30. Each week we add on a lap until the end of the quarter when students will run a 5K during P.E. class.

    While I would like to be able to say that we always do our cardiovascular testing on Wednesday's and Friday's, there are way too many other variables that effect our schedule. Rain, short weeks, and other school functions like pictures, testing, and other unexpected meetings leave it virtually impossible to follow a set schedule. 

    Finally, what I would like to leave you with and what we always tell our kids is that your fitness is your responsibility. We need parents to help our kids with their exercise routines on weekends as well as during the week. Please make it a family thing. One of the major things we struggle with is the attitude of the child towards P.E. If you could help your child out with their attitude, their outlook on P.E. will be a whole lot different. 


    Please be flexible and check my Google Classroom everyday for assignments and Zoom Meetings. Be prepared to do video workouts and Health Lessons during our Zoom meetings.


  • Upon entering the school, go directly to your hallway locker nad leave your phone and your jacket in your locker nad pack your bookbag for the rest of the day. You are due in the gym by 7:45

    1st Hr - 8:00 - 8:10 - Cougar Connect

    2nd Hr - 8:13 - 8:59 - P.E./Health

    3rd Hr - 9:02 - 9:48 - PLAN

    4th Hr - 9:51 - 10:37 - P.E./Health

    5th Hr - 10:40 - 11:26 - P.E./Health

    6th Hr - 11:29 - 12:15 - Lunch is from 11:31 - 12:01 - Advisory is from 12:02 - 12:15

    7th Hr - 12:18 - 1:04 - P.E./Health

    8th Hr - 1:07 - 1:53 - P.E./Health

    9th Hr - 1:56 - 2:45 - P.E./Health





  • My E-mail address is tlauderdale@of90.net

    My phone number is 622-2932

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I teach 8th Grade Pe at Carriel Junior High

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