Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Mellenthin

This is my 18th year teaching life science. In addition to teaching, I also have 3 kiddos: Isaac 12, Eli 10, and Ainsley 6. I've lived in O'Fallon for the past 8 years and love the connections I've built in this community.  I think it's important for kids to experience nature and life first hand. Over the past several years, I've worked with other staff and students to establish a school vegetable garden, butterfly garden, and new "pollinator patch" (native prairie area).  This year we are excited to incorporate many hands-on experiences in each of these spaces.  Throughout this school year we will monitor and make decisions for our school garden, composting worms, and pollinator patch as we encounter many problems that need solving! ;) We will carry out a few garden experiments throughout the year, providing us with an opportunity to learn about ecosystem interactions, the diversity of life, and experience countless other "teachable" moments. Typically, in the spring, we also participate in selling our plants at the O'Fallon Farmers Market to raise funds for the needs of our garden.  If you ever have questions or want to lend a helping hand with our programs, just send me an e-mail!

I look forward to an exciting and memorable year with you and your students!