•  Mark Riley


    Dear Moye Families,


    Welcome to another year here in district 90!  As a parent of district 90 students, it gives me great pride to also be a member of the district 90 team.  

    This year will mark my 17th year in education, 6th in administration. For most of my educational career I have worked at the secondary level.  I have taught high school social studies, been an assistant principal and a building principal. During much of that time, I worked in Jackson County, far away from my home here in O’Fallon. 

    I take great pride in knowing that District 90 provides the absolute best education for all students, no matter the situation.  With the support of this great community, District 90 will continue to rise to the occasion to ensure that EVERY student learns and grows to achieve all of their goals.  

    Thank you once again for all you do as parents.  


    Mr. Mark Riley