• Carrie Hruby
    Dr. Carrie Hruby, Superintendent
    The schools. Often that is the response I receive when I ask O'Fallon residents what brought them to the area. When casually talking with parents/community members, I frequently hear them say the quality of our school system is the reason they moved here.  Often they follow up by sharing where they work, and that their job brought them to the vicinity, but they chose to live on this side of the river, and specifically selected O'Fallon District 90 because of the school system and its strong reputation.

    A few years ago I was talking to a fellow educator who works in a nearby district about this topic. She shared that she moved to District 90 a few weeks ago to ensure her young daughter could attend our schools. I was pleased to hear her say she didn't care which one of our school boundaries she moved into, but knew it had to be in District 90 because all of our schools are excellent. She was right. Each of our seven schools is strong in its own unique way. While they are different sizes with different strengths, they are all home to outstanding educators who put students first.

    I could relate to her story. The reputation of O'Fallon schools also brought my family to this area. My husband worked in the MetroEast area for several years before we decided to relocate. He previously commuted to the area from our home in Chatham where I served as Assistant Superintendent then Superintendent for a total of 11 years. Wanting to relocate to the MetroEast area, we began to research area school districts. I wanted not only to work in a great system but also to place my five children in a system that would give them the best educational opportunities possible.  I found that in O'Fallon 90 and in OTHS. Since that day, our two oldest sons graduated from OTHS and both now attend the University of Missouri. We have one son and one daughter who attend OTHS and our youngest daughter attends D90. All five have been very well prepared for the next level of education, and I am confident O'Fallon educators are to thank. I would love to hear from you about the reasons you came to the area. I enjoy sharing these stories with our staff and parents.