• Washington, D.C. Trip Info

    Welcome to the D.C. trip webpage.  Below you'll find information about the trip.  Please review the D.C. trip fall presentation to familiarize yourself with the sign-up process.  Please contact Mr. Creek (pcreek at of90 dot net) if you have any questions about the trip.

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    Update (5/5)

    Many of you have received an email with medical forms from Nations Classroom.  These forms are news to us.  Long story short, here’s what they need and how it works.  See form below.

    Nations Classroom Email Update


    Update (5/3)

    As the trip approaches, you may find this packing list helpful.

    DC Trip Packing List


    Update (4/12)

    Please turn in medical forms to the office or to a sponsor.

    Here is the DC trip T-shirt form.  Purchasing a shirt is optional, but many students usually buy one.  We will wear these on the group photo day.


    Update (3/24)

    We had our spring meeting on March 23 in Fulton's gym.  If you missed it, you'll find the presentation and handout below.  Also, you'll find a helpful website with the latest DC info.

    DC Trip Spring Meeting

    DC Informational Handout

    What's Open in DC?


    Update (3/9):

    DC Update from D90:

    Dear 8th Grade DC Trip Registrants,

    In response to updates from the State and improvements in the District’s COVID data, the requirements to attend the Washington DC trip have been updated. A COVID booster is recommended, but not required, for trip attendance.

    Depending upon the case data closer to the trip departure, a negative test may be required within 48 hours of the trip. If COVID tests are required, the District would offer free tests, or families would be allowed to submit a negative test record. A final decision regarding whether or not a COVID test will be required will be made before May 1.


    Update (2/11):

    We will have a trip meeting on Wednesday, March 23 in Fulton's gym at 6:30 pm.  If you cannot attend, we will post all necessary info here.


    Medical Forms:

    Please read the cover sheet first for form descriptions.

    Medication Cover Sheet

    01 Power of Attorney Form

    02 Overnight Field Trip Form

    03 Medication Permission Form

    04 School Medication Authorization Form

    05 Rescue Inhaler / Epi-pen Form


    Dates of the trip:

    Tuesday, May 17, 2022 to Saturday, May 21, 2022


    Trip Overview:

    D.C. Trip Fall Presentation (with narration)

    D.C. Trip Fall Presentation (slides only)



    Scrip Fundraising Info


    Nations Classroom Information:




    (877) 270-1776  

    2727 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 104

    Richmond, VA 23294