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Updated Tuition Classroom Options for 2021

We are excited to announce some new updates to our preschool program options for the upcoming school year.

We hear you..... After some reorganization and a long waiting list for full day tuition classrooms, we are now able to add an additional  4/5 yr old tuition classroom at Delores Moye Elementary School.  The much needed space for students needing that one year before kindergarten will be ready in August!  We would love to add spaces in all buildings, but until that time comes- we can at least offer 20 more spots within the district!  We can't wait for you to join us!

Half Day Early Learning classroom spaces will now be  offered at both Delores Moye and Marie Schaefer schools.  With a little bit or reorganization and blending of opportuntites, we are now able to offer additional slots in our certified half day classrooms.  We are excited to be able to offer half day options in at least 2 buildings and hope to offer more in the future.  Half day classrooms will be multi age groupings- meaning an am and a pm session is available based on your need, not the age of the child!