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November Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to the "District 90/Kunkel Wittenauer Group" Teacher of the Month, Laura Derstine!

While only in her 4th year of teaching at Fulton, Mrs. Laura Derstine quickly established herself as a model educator to whom her colleagues turn for mentorship and collaboration. She wasted no time jumping in feet first and becoming an important part of the Fulton team. Education is a second career for Mrs. Derstine, yet she continually expresses how happy she is to have made the decision to become a teacher. This is not only expressed through words, but through actions in her classroom on a daily basis. Her classroom is a warm and nurturing environment where students are encouraged to do their best. As an eighth grade teacher, she collaborates with the high school regularly to better prepare our students for their next journey in life.

Additionally, Mrs. Derstine is a driving force behind the Fulton "House" system and works tirelessly to create ideas and innovative methods to help make FJHS a positive experience for all kids. In fact, she will be presenting at the ASCD conference in Los Angeles with two other Fulton educators this March about the positive effect "Houses" have had on our culture. Her devotion to our school is also shown through the many activities with which she leads, including being a PBIS Tier 1 Team Member, Social Studies Leadership Committee Member, Co-Sponsor of the student-led Panthercast News broadcasts, and Co-Sponsor of the National Junior Honor Society. She is making a lasting impact on students and colleagues at FJHS and we are so very lucky to have her in our family.

We congratulate Mrs. Derstine and thank Kunkel Wittenauer Group for their generous sponsorship of this month's D90 staff awards program!

 — at Kunkel Wittenauer Group.