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February Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to the "D90/Todd Stonewater, Edward Jones Teacher of the Month," Mrs. Sandy Dawson!

Mrs. Sandy Dawson is a ten-year veteran of Dist 90 and teaches students who attend the self-contained autism program at EK School. During her time as a classroom teacher in Dist. 90, Sandy has always achieved the required goals and expectations for each of her students who range from Kindergarten - 2nd grade. Each summer, Sandy formally prepares for the new school year and begins to build a personal relationship with the new families who have students joining her classroom. Sandy schedules times well before the start of the year to meet with the students and their families at EK School. This extra step helps acclimate students and families and makes for a positive transition. Sandy has been observed on several occasions spending 60-90 minutes with each family--showing them around the building, discussing goals for the new school year, explaining the transportation schedule, and answering specific questions. When the school year begins, Sandy introduces the new students to her multi-age classroom members, and helps the support staff working with the students get caught up to speed on schedules, accommodations, mental or physical supports, transportation details, and other specific items.

Sandy takes great pride in her responsibility to educate the students in the program, and she works very hard to help build the confidence of her students as they prepare to join a regular classroom setting for a specific subject. To guarantee student success, Sandy meets with staff in advance so she can make sure the student is well-prepared on specific content and expectations. Principal Dismukes said, "Sandy has a positive outlook even on the toughest days, and she gives credit to so many others involved over herself."

"Mrs. Sandy Dawson is a very caring, patient, and driven staff member. Because of people like her, students with specific special needs are being taught and exposed to so many wonderful educational experiences," said Dismukes.

D90 thanks Todd Stonewater for his continued and generous support of our staff recognition program!…