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February Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to the "D90/Todd Stonewater, Edward Jones Support Staff Member of the Month," Mrs. Kim Brown!

Kim's work ethic, loyalty, and dedication to children are remarkable. She arrives early to school with a smile on her face and volunteers her time in those early hours. Principal Duggins said, "Kim is the 'go to' person at Schaefer when you need something created or done. She recognizes the needs of others and gives willingly of her time and energy."

Kim approached Principal Duggins at the beginning of the year and volunteered to supervise 5th-grade band students. Because 5th grade band students start their day so early, she wanted to provide them with a quiet environment to relax in before starting the regular school day. This is just one example of how Kim goes above and beyond for students. Throughout the day she seeks out struggling students within the classroom and provides the support they need. "Students are always happy to work with her and come back feeling very confident," says Teacher Lita Roberts.

Kim has a positive and collaborative attitude as she represents the support staff at Schaefer's monthly leadership team meetings. She also volunteers to update and maintain the Character Board, monthly staff recognition bulletin board and PBIS bulletin board."For many reasons, Kim is appreciated and valued by the staff at Schaefer. She makes our day a lot brighter and a bit easier with her presence and support," remarked Duggins.

D90 thanks Todd Stonewater for his continued and generous support of our staff recognition program!