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Illinois Public Schools Closure Information

Message dated: March 31, 2020--3:00 pm


Dear D90 Families,


This afternoon Governor Pritzker issued an extension of the Illinois Stay At Home Order and school building closures through the end of April. While the school buildings must be closed, remote learning continues. School is still in session, in the homes of our students, guided by parents and guardians as our Honorary Staff Members.


District 90 has a scheduled Spring Break on our calendar from April 8-13. Those dates are non-attendance days and new instruction/lessons will be suspended. However, we also recognize that most students have established a rhythm and a schedule that works well and parents may not want to interrupt it to then start over after the break. As Honorary Staff Members many of you have told us you wish to maintain consistency of your established schedule. For that reason, D90 staff will provide optional learning activities and fun learning ideas. Or you might choose to encourage your children to learn a new skill such as typing/keyboarding, gardening, or making a book video. The decisions are your family’s to make during the Spring Break.


Please remember that flexibility and ongoing communication are key to success during the Remote Learning phase. D90 staff are always an email away if you have questions or concerns.


Effective immediately the City of O'Fallon has now closed all playground equipment, all pavilions, all basketball courts, Diamond 1 and batting cages and the skate park. The City has issued these closures due to the large groups and gatherings, and lack of attention to distancing requirements.The City would like to keep its property open for families and individuals to walk, run and exercise, but will continue to monitor for compliance.


In line with the above, groups are also prohibited from using school grounds. Individuals or immediate family members may walk/run/exercise on District property, but large groups are not allowed to congregate or gather. Thank you for your patience and support. It is our goal to continue to communicate in a timely and transparent manner through email, FB (@OFallonDistrict90) and Twitter (@ofallon90). If you have not yet followed us on social media, now is the time to do so as we are able to offer timely updates through those channels.


Stay home, stay healthy and keep learning,


Carrie Hruby Superintendent



Message dated: March 20, 2020


Dear D90 Families,


Thank you for your positive outlook and extra effort to make sure our students’ needs are met. As our honorary D90 staff members, you are doing an outstanding job keeping our students safe, calm and learning!


This afternoon Governor Pritzker issued a Stay At Home Order requiring Illinoisans to remain at home beginning tomorrow night at 5:00 pm. Under the Order, families can still go for a run/walk/bike ride, go to grocery stores, walk pets, get gas, buy take-out food, get medicines, and seek medical attention. Families are asked to stay at home unless business is essential or an emergency, and to practice social distancing if involved in one of the above activities.


Gov. Pritzker has extended school closures through April 7. The tentative return date for Illinois schools is April 8. The date will be revisited as more is known. D90 is still scheduled to be closed April 8-13 for Spring Break.


The Governor’s office assured school districts that persons who provide student meals will not be in violation of the Order and that we can and should continue with the meals program. We will continue to provide lunches to students in need, as this is essential business.


We also understand requirements for state assessments will be relaxed or canceled. We will continue to monitor this topic as it is finalized. We anticipate further guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education on this topic and the topic of academics next week.


Thank you for your patience and support as the situation evolves rapidly. We will continue to communicate in a timely and transparent manner through email, FB (@OFallonDistrict90) and Twitter (@ofallon90).


Stay home, stay healthy and keep learning, D90.


Carrie Hruby, Superintendent



Message dated: March 13, 2020--5:44 pm


IL Governor Pritzker announced this afternoon that all Illinois schools will be closed beginning Tuesday, March 17 through March 30. Governor Pritzker said the return date would be re-evaluated as the situation progresses. Students are tentatively scheduled to return to school March 31.


District 90 is moving the ½ School Improvement Day that was originally scheduled for Wednesday (3/18/2020) to Monday (3/16/2020). This will allow teachers the opportunity to illustrate for students some of the online lessons and ways to access instructional materials during the closure. D90 teachers will meet on Monday afternoon to gather additional resources and make plans to ensure continuity of learning during the closure.  

To clarify, the amended D90 calendar will be:


Monday, March 16 am--½ day attendance for students. Early dismissal times are 11:00 am for Junior High schools and 11:45 am for Elementary schools. Buses will run as usual. Before/AfterCare will be available as it is normally on inservice days. 

The afternoon will be a staff inservice.


Tuesday, March 17-Monday, March 30--All Illinois schools will be closed. All activities and events will be canceled.  


March 31--Students and staff will return. (This return date will be re-evaluated as needed).