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Check out the new Interface for Skyward Family Access Food and Fee Payments

We are excited to announce a new interface for Skyward's Family Access and RevTrak® Web Store.  The RevTrak® Web Store offers auto-replenish (recurring payments) for food service. The feature is optional and can be enabled or disabled at any time by the Web Store account holder.  Auto-replenish settings can be defined per student, if multiple students are associated with the Web Store account. When a student's account balance falls below a preset balance, Auto-Replenish will automatically deposit the specified amount and charge the payment method on file. The settings and payment method can be updated at the Web Store account holder's discretion.


Attached are two tutorials.  The first tutorial shows how to use our new Food & Fee Payment interface and the second tutorial covers how to set up the Auto-Replenish feature.


Please note there is a convenience fee like before of 3.49% when using this method of payment.


QC for SFA Food & Fees Guide

Auto-Replenish for Food Service Guide