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February - Support Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to Mrs.Debby Sommer, our D90 Support Staff Member of the Month!

This month's staff awards are generously sponsored by Todd Stonewater of Edward Jones.

Debby Sommer has been the nurse at Moye Elementary School the past 7 years. Nurse Deb has a positive attitude and walks into school everyday with a huge smile. At school, everyone can easily see her love for the students as well as her love for the health profession. Many times when students come to the nurse’s office they are upset for various reasons. Nurse Debby always gives them her full attention and treats each child as if he or she were her own. Debby nurtures the students when they need it most. Nurse Deb is a hard working nurse who is professional at all times. As the school nurse of an elementary school of over 700 students, Nurse Deb has to be flexible every day and adapt to the needs of all of her students. She can see anywhere from 45 to 55 students a day. As well as seeing students that come to her office throughout the day, Nurse Deb is also hyper vigilant and takes excellent care of Moye’s medically fragile students on a daily basis. Principal Williams said, "Overall, Nurse Deb is an outstanding person of high character, integrity, and dedication. Mrs. Summer is a vital part of the Moye team and our school would not function well without her. We are thankful that she is a part of the Moye family." 

District 90 thanks Todd Stonewater for sponsoring our staff awards program and making it possible for D90 to recognize our outstanding staff members!

 — at Edward Jones-Financial Advisor: Todd Stonewater.