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March - Support Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations to Mrs. Amy Jones, the D90 Support Staff Member of the Month, sponsored by Todd Stonewater, Edward Jones! 

Mrs. Amy Jones has been the EK School Secretary since October of 2016. Even though Amy has only been in her position for the past several months, she has already made a huge impact with the staff, parents, and students at EK School.

Amy has been a positive addition to the EK Office and always displays a welcoming demeanor with everyone that she greets. No matter the moment or situation, she provides the dedicated time and effort necessary to help with any situation even though in most cases, several different things are all going on simultaneously.

From the first week on the job, parents and staff have commented on how much they genuinely enjoy interacting with Amy Jones. They feel Amy is a very approachable person they can work and share information with. Amy took several of the comments and ideas shared with her and put them into action which improved steps that cut costs and benefited everyone involved. Amy’s ability to quickly step in and learn the student management systems and other job responsibilities was never an issue thanks to her strong skills and knowledge. After mastering these systems over the first few months, it became obvious Amy had a strong background in technology. She is now respected as someone the district that colleagues can turn to for help. The EK School community is very fortunate to have such a dedicated staff member!

We thank Todd Stonewater, Edward Jones Financial Advisor, for his generous support of our staff award program!

 — at Edward Jones-Financial Advisor: Todd Stonewater